How to Approach and Date Armenian Women

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The Perfect Armenian Woman For a Foreign Men

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dating armenian women

If you have never dated an Armenian lady before then it is time that you should get acquainted with the charming and beautiful traditions and customs of this great and ancient country. Learn all the latest tips on dating an Armenian lady and make her yours! Read on…

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Part One: The dating and courting traditions of the ancients

Truth 1: Every nation has its own special dating traditions but in general the ancients like Armenians have a hot tamale (day of thanks). Truth 2: This is the best time to go to the churches and pray for your love, and you will definitely receive blessings and good luck from the god. This is the best time to seal the deal and to ask for your future wife’s hand.

Part Two: The makeup of the ancients.

A regular day for the ancients was a holy day of thanksgiving when they would apply special makeup on themselves, so as to thank the gods and to adorn themselves with beauty and charms. But, how would you do if you are dating an Armenian woman? Now here is how you can look gorgeous and stunningly beautiful without spending a fortune:

Make sure that you get Armenian women the right kind of beauty products. Yes, we are not talking about makeup here, but about the right kind of beauty products. Yes, this means natural beauty products, herbal beauty products, organic beauty products, but make sure you get Armenian woman the right kind of hair care products too. This means shampoo, conditioner, styling spray, eye gel, nail polish, lip gloss, and a lot more.

A woman’s body language can sometimes say everything. So, before you even begin thinking of starting a relationship with an Armenian female, make sure you know what her body language tells you. How does she smile? Is she showing signs of intimacy or does she look put-together? Once you understand her signals, then you can easily work out her emotions, her likes and dislikes, and most importantly, her needs.

Some other important first steps in dating Armenian women includes knowing their likes and dislikes, and the nature of their professional and personal lives. For example, does she like casual or formal parties? If she likes to have fun, then you should consider going out together on a night that you both like, such as a weekend outing.

The color of your skin tone plays a big role when it comes to dating Armenian women in Yerevan. Generally, Armenian women prefer dark skin tones, such as dark brown, dark ash blonde, or dark black. In terms of the color of your eyes, light blue or hazel would do. In terms of your hair, you would do best to keep your hair short and straight (avoid curlers and extensions).

In addition to the above mentioned factors, there are several more important ones to remember when dating Armenian women online. These include her age and nationality. Most international dating sites will ask for this information. Furthermore, do not forget to inquire about her religion and whether she is a member of any religious groups, such as Orthodox, Church of God, Lutherans, or Baptists. Lastly, you should always remember to never show any physical affection while on a first date with an Armenian girl. If you want to find your true love through the dating Armenian girls of Yerevan, you need to adopt this principle.

There are even some Armenian women who would like a more casual relationship with you, but there are still others who only want a serious relationship. If you are looking for a casual fling, then you should start off by introducing her to some of your friends and family members. Once these people know her better, they may be able to offer some tips to help you win her heart. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more serious relationship, then you can begin searching for an Armenian girl in Yerevan that you share a connection with.

You can even use your social networking skills when dating Armenian women. As mentioned earlier, many individuals from the former Soviet Union are interested in western culture and art. If you are a creative person and want to meet a new lover, the ideal candidate for a relationship with an Armenian is a cultural artist. Not all Armenians are open to dating artists, but it may be worth a try.

As previously stated, not all Armenian women are open to Western culture and art. Some of them have very little interest in either culture, so the dating advice you receive may be limited. However, this does not mean that you will never find a girl that likes both cultures. All you need to do is use your imagination and look for an Armenian girl with some connections in the west.