Love with Armenian Women in a Foreign Country

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Part One: Dating, first sight and then getting married. Truth: Dating mostly starts from sight. And in this case, dating an Armenian lady begins with a first sight. So, what does an Armenian lady look like?

Truth: A pretty, curvy, tall and slender Yerevan lady on a first date. In fact, the main characteristic of Yerevan society is their tall and thin figures. Truth two: Most of them have beautiful eyes. They may not have the best face but their eyes are always clear. You can easily tell that a Yerevan woman is going out with you for a first date because she will always look at you, even when you are trying to hide your eyes.

Truth: Dating Armenian women doesn’t end with the first date. The second one is the most exciting for most of Armenian women, because it usually involves a lot of dancing and drinking. Many people, especially younger ones, think that Armenian women are not very cultured, but this is totally not true.

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Truth: Many of Armenian women are deeply interested in the culture, religion and tradition of their homeland, so they are not willing to adapt to Western culture, at least not completely. That’s why most of them prefer online dating sites. What’s a little bother for them is that they don’t want to waste time trying to figure out how to look for Armenian brides. Online dating sites are the best places for them to find a perfect match for them. It saves a lot of time.

Truth: Most Armenian women are deeply involved with their culture, so they don’t like changes. That’s why they are afraid to commit to just anyone, especially if they don’t know anything about them. So they go on online dating services. They just want someone from their own country to spend time with. Also, there are many online dating sites for Armenian ladies which only accept very qualified local ladies. That way, you can be sure that the person you are talking to has really taken his traditions very seriously.

Truth: Online dating sites are also good for Armenian brides. This is because the number of local brides from Albania is growing. So the online sites have a better chance of getting your contact information, especially the Armenian ones. As long as you fill out the required fields and submit your profile, you are sure to get an answer or a phone call in the coming days. Some of these online services even offer live voice chat. So you can talk to the person face-to-face!

My Recommendation: As a male, I would advise both single men and single Armenian women to start dating locally. This tradition isn’t very common in many countries, and the ones who practice it don’t tend to look for foreign partners. But as the saying goes, “The girl you marry is the girl you will always marry”, you shouldn’t break tradition just because you want a foreign wife. The people in this part of the world are very lucky, so don’t ruin their situation.

If you are a man who wants to start dating an Armenian woman, then go to the local Armenian market, especially at X marking the age. You will find that most of the Armenian women here (even those who are not ethnically ARMENIA) are very beautiful, all of them young and alluring. Try to strike up a conversation with them, and see if you get to know any true Bulgarian. You can start off by asking them about their culture and religion, and how they are accustomed to the way they are treated (in terms of family, honor, etc). If you keep doing this, then you are bound to find true happiness in this exotic country.